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Code of Conduct

In keeping with the goals of the DSBN, we encourage the development of an individuual with:

  • a sense of appreciation and worth
  • the self discipline to function effectively within the school community
  • and understanding and respect for the needs, rights and property of others
  • a knowledge of the skills required to follow the rules of society
  • an ability to use a variety of probem solving skills
  • an awareness and tolerance for those who are different

Expectations of Students

  • be prepared for class with proper materials
  • arrive at school and attend classes on time
  • dress appropriately for the season:
  • shirts must be below the waistline enough to comply with the “hands over the head” check (no bare midriffs, underwear showing or clothes with logos, artwork or sayings that refer to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, racism or other offensive topics)
  • shirts/tops must comply with the three (3) finger rule
  • Skirts and shorts must be longer than the tip of the middle digit of the student’s hand when the arm is at their side
  • pajama pants, beach wear, halter tops and flip flops are not appropriate attire for school. For safety reasons, platform shoes are not recommended.
  • be honest and trustworthy
  • be clean in person and habits
  • comply with the requests of all school personnel
  • use courteous, respectful language and good manners at all time
  • conduct yourself in a manner which promotes a positive tone in the school
  • treat with respect, equipment and materials belonging to the school, school personnel or other persons
  • borrow materials only when permission is given
  • engage yourself in physical activities which do not inflict harm on another person
  • attempt to master classroom studies
  • complete assignments on time
  • be responsible for your conduct to the staff and Principal while on out-of-school activities and while travelling on a school bus
  • use peace-making procedures to solve problems
  • not wear hats in the building
  • not chew gum on school property


  • behaviour tracker
  • detention of student
  • withdrawal from classroom setting
  • require student to make restitution where appropriate
  • withdrawal of privileges
  • withdrawal from extra-curricular activities
  • referral to the Principal
  • parental involvement
  • involvement of support personnel